Friday, April 8 2016 19:39 EEST
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Samsung is to launch a revolutionary foldable smartphone
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Samsung is actively working on a foldable smartphone with a horizontal form factor. The smartphone is now temporarily known as Project Valley, GSMArena reports. According to the recent data, Samsung is planning mass-production of the foldable smartphones by the end of this year. The first models will appear on the retail market in 2017.

When folded, the smartphone will be indistinguishable from any typical 5-inch mobile device, but as soon as the Project Valley is opened, it is transformed into a 7-inch tablet.

To make such a device work, the company is developing a flexible display that could withstand bending and unbending at 180 degrees with no damage.

The smartphone is likely to run on the Snapdragon 620 and 820 processors and its RAM is expected to be 3GB. has also reported that the legendary Nokia 3310 turned into a smartphone.

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