Thursday, April 7 2016 17:52 EEST
A woman was arrested on Thursday for selling “Donald Trump” branded heroin - Unionleader
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A 36-year-old woman, who sold heroin, was arrested in New Hampshire, USA. The drugs were packaged in the bags labeled "Donald Trump".

According to Union Leader, Darcie Rae Hall was tracked down after a month of investigation. Police urged an informant to purchase Hall's drugs through an intermediary. For this, police promised to help the informant with his case of drug possession.

The publication says that it is unknown why the dealer decided to use the name of Donald Trump. Perhaps, this reflects the dealer's political views. 

Darcie Hall was detained on March 31 in the town of Troy and was appointed bail of two thousand dollars. The woman didn't recognize her guilt. She also was arrested for marijuana possession in 1997, possession of a controlled substance in 2013, and three more possessions of a controlled substance in 2014.

She was convicted in 2014, and has been on probation after she was caught with cocaine.

The Union Leader notes that Donald Trump is known in many business cases, but he has been never involved in selling drugs. He accused Mexican immigrants of the importation of prohibited substances to New England, where, in particular, New Hampshire is located. Consumption of illegal drugs has led to massive heroin addiction.

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