Thursday, April 7 2016 18:12 EEST
Watch!!! "Crimea is not enough": Moscow organizes a chauvinistic rally
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Dozens of people were walking in the streets of the Russian capital, urging to seize more and more cities and countries, following Crimea.

Moscow has held a rally of nationalists, which remind a kind of modern Bolsheviks, under the banner "All the Ukrainians – to Russia". The video of chauvinists’ procession appeared on a YouTube channel that belongs to website.

"All the Ukrainians – to Russia", "Crimea is not enough for us", "Donbas – to Russia", "Minsk, Berlin, Istanbul, Warsaw, Kiev and Tallinn are Russian cities", "Our MIGs to settle in Riga "," Our tanks will reach Prague", the rally’s participants shouted.

Supporters of the "Russian world" shouted anti-Ukrainian slogans and brought red flags with the image of a shell on them.

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