Wednesday, April 6 2016 18:37 EEST
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Controversial video where man finds his wife in bed with her cop-colleague stuns the Net
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A controversial video that depicts disclosure of adultery has been spread on the Internet. It turned out that its main characters were Moscow cops.

A man returned home from work at night and found his wife lying in bed in the arms of another man. However, he didn’t lose his head, took his phone and start filming what was happening. The woman was surprised to see her husband. She jumped out of the bed and asked him a question: "Do you care?" Then she started putting her clothes on, trying to avoid the camera.

"Don’t shout, my daughter is sleeping," she calmly said to her husband. It turned out that the lovers were having a good time while the girl was sleeping in another room behind the wall. The man caught his wife with an unknown man off guard in his own bed. Naturally, he began accusing his unfaithful wife of adultery. Finally, he promised to post the video on the Internet and show it to his father-in-law personally. His wife and her lover aren’t able to work for law machinery any more, he claimed. According to some reports, the characters of the controversial video are members of civilian police from the north of Moscow.

The video was posted on a social network entitled "My girl, your mother is a whore."

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