Wednesday, April 6 2016 17:18 EEST
Angelina Jolie's dramatic weight loss is sparking rumors that the actress is suffering from anorexia - Radaronline
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Angelina Jolie's excessive leanness has been the cause of the quarrels with her husband for a long time, but the actress still continues to lose weight. And it seems that she has reached a critical condition.

According to the National Enquirer magazine, the star was hospitalized due to the health problems, because her weight is no more than 35 kilograms, and this is despite the fact that her height is 169 cm - reported by Radaronline.

That is to say, her weight loss is close to the critical point after which irreversible processes can start in the body.

During the last six months, all tabloids over the world say that Jolie has anorexia. These rumors have intensified, especially when the photos of her recent trip to Greece as part of the UN mission, where the actress met with Syrian refugees, appeared in the press. Her fans told that she needs no less help than those people she came to.

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