Wednesday, April 6 2016 18:36 EEST
A woman carrying a gun and dressed as Rambo sparked a terror alert at a tourist hot spot in Spain
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A woman armed with a toy gun has scared Madrid’s residents, The Local writes. Police got some reports from anxious citizens who said that a "crazy woman dressed just like Rambo" in a camouflage and red bandana carried a gun in Plaza de Espana. Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and detained the woman and her two companions dressed in costumes of ballet dancers. .

During the interrogation at the police station, all the three persons first claimed to be artists of a troupe. However, later, they confessed that they were members of the Civil Guard (police paramilitary forces, subordinated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Spain) and took part in combat operability test.

It’s not clear why they were wearing these extravagant outfits. According to police, the lady’s gun turned out to be a toy.

The incident has angered users of social networks. Some of them even dubbed the Civil Guard’s training exercise "a game of morons." Due to the terrorist attacks in November 2015 in Paris and in March 2016 in Brussels, Spain has accepted a special mode of emergency notification.

On March 22, terrorist attacks took place in Brussels: bombs exploded in Zaventem airport and near Maalbek metro station. According to the latest data, the attacks killed 35 people and injured more than 340. Investigators say that the metro bomb was detonated by Khalid Bakraoui, and the airport one – by his brothers Ibrahim and Najim Lashraoui.

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