Wednesday, April 6 2016 18:32 EEST
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Vitamin D is great heart healer - Scientists have found decision
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Vitamin D can help people who suffer from heart diseases, recent studies claim. Scientists have carried out a trial on 163 patients and found that Vitamin D supplements improved their hearts' ability to move blood in the bodies.

Vitamin D plays a very important role for human body as it makes bones and teeth healthier. However, unfortunately, a lot of people have lack of the vitamin.

The patients were given either Vitamin D tablets or sugar pills throughout a year. Furthermore, the scientists evaluated the condition when human heart was too weak to move blood in a proper way. A healthy heart pumps about 60-70% of all the blood of the body. However, if the heart is weak, it can cope with 25% only.

In addition, the study also revealed that the patients' hearts became smaller. This means they are more powerful now.

It is recommended that old people take 10 microgram of the vitamin supplements a day.

However, some doctors still aren’t so optimistic and don’t think Vitamin D should be taken in handfuls. They say that the results could show just some progress in reducing symptoms, but not in better heart activity.

Vitamin D comes mostly from sunlight. One also can find it in fish and eggs.

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