Wednesday, April 6 2016 18:29 EEST
Dmitry Peskov tells lies about his offshore transactions – Papers
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Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov lied saying that his wife "hasn’t and has never had offshore companies." This fact was made clear due to the documents in the revealed archives of Panama-based offshore registrar Mossack Fonseca.

The registrations include his wife Tatiana Navka’s passport copy and the offshore registration document:

As it is seen from the documents, in order to run Navka’s Carina Global Assets company, they used Bridgewater company that had provided two nominee managers. Peskov probably thought that if his wife's name wasn’t defined in the registration document, then it would be impossible to establish the link with Navka. However, he had no idea that among other revealed documents they found a letter where Mossack Fonseca employee requested additional information on Navka in connection with this firm:

According to the current law, officials (among which is Peskov) have no right to keep money offshore. This means that after Peskov’s wedding with Navka, Carina Global Assets had to change the beneficiary, but there still has been no information on this. The Insider failed to get a comment from Peskov.

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