Wednesday, April 6 2016 17:15 EEST
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Men continue to search for new routes to not have sex with real women
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We all knew it was coming, virtual reality sexy time. That’s just what one group of Japanese developers are trying to bring to the market. The sex kit is available now and it has been already swept away from the shelves.

A full-size tech suit for sex in virtual reality Illusion VR was created in Japan.

The kit consists of an automated masturbator, sensors-stimulators, which are fastened around the body, artificial breasts and a virtual reality helmet.

Illusion VR is designed for connection to PC, and its work is synchronized with actions in the erotic video game.

The first batch of costumes, for about $400, was instantly swept away from the shelves.

The creators of this device said they also pursued the social purpose in this work – the overcoming of illegal prostitution.

Some media have published the articles about a new gadget, but the independent confirmation of Illusion VR receipts on sale could not be found.

The video was posted to YouTube on April 4, but the text, which is in Japanese, suggests that the original video was broadcasted on April 1, and could be a feigned invention, specifically made for April Fool’s Day.

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