Wednesday, April 6 2016 17:12 EEST
If you love guinea pigs, food, and anything cute for that matter, you’ll fall in love with Ludwik

Bald guinea pig Ludwik suffered from several illnesses, but his owner Agata Nowacka looked after him well, and helped this unusual pet to conquer the Internet. Now Ludwik is a professional model and Instagram star. The breed of hairless guinea pig is called "skinny".

The animal has become incredibly popular on the Internet and was originally bought in one of the Polish pet shops. At that time, the six-month guinea pig was sick with pneumonia, fungal infection, and conjunctivitis.

However, Agata decided to buy the animal to look after him, and she was able to cure him.

Nowadays, Ludwik is 1 year old and he feels good.

And at the present time, there are more than 40 thousand people who have been subscribed to his Instagram page.

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