Tuesday, April 5 2016 15:47 EEST
A huge Saharan dust cloud is expected to bring 'blood rain' to the UK as the country basks in what could be the hottest day of the year
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According to British forecasters, a powerful anticyclone is moving to UK from the Sahara Desert. Albion will be covered by the shower with a dash of red sand and the air temperature will warm up more than in Ibiza or Barcelona for this time of the year.

The UK authorities are preparing for the "blood rain". A weather anomaly is caused by the evaporation with a dash of red desert sand, which caused formation of heavy clouds in the atmosphere. Such an ominous dust cloud is moving towards the Albion with a powerful stream.

This rare weather phenomenon will be accompanied by a significant increase in the average daily air temperature.

On Thursday, British thermometers will show plus 19-20 degrees. This is, by the way, warmer than in Ibiza (it is 17 degrees for today) or Barcelona (it's up to 15 degrees).

However, besides the summer heat, a weather anomaly also will cause high air pollution, which may achieve record indicators. Therefore, it will be difficult to breathe for residents of the South East England as southerly winds sweep dust from the Saharan region northwards.

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