Tuesday, April 5 2016 14:13 EEST
There is no such country as Ukraine – Medvedev
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It’s impossible to compare Russia and Ukraine in respect to security issues at enterprises, Russian Prime Minister says, commenting on the statement that was made by the head of Rostechnadzor at the meeting dedicated to the state and prospects of the coal industry.

It was his reaction to the words of Rostechnadzor’s head Alexey Aleshin, who said that a rate of injuries in the coal industry at Russian enterprises in 2015 became the lowest ever recorded since the Soviet Union existed. He also referred to data on Ukraine, where similar figures are much higher.

"Who are we to associate with Ukraine in this sense, I’ve just mentioned the fact that neither industry nor government exists there," Medvedev noted.

Aleshin in his turn explained that he had mentioned the data of 2013. However, this didn’t change Russian Prime Minister’s view.

"2013? So, there was industry there, but the state didn’t exist," he stressed.

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