Tuesday, April 5 2016 14:03 EEST
Peskov and Navka work together: Putin's Press Secretary and his wife launder money
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Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov and his wife Tatiana Navka have been added to a shocking list, which has been published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). In 2014, Tatiana Navka, now Dmitry Peskov’s wife, became the beneficiary of Carina Global Assets.

The law directly prohibits the spouses of senior state officials to have any financial profit or companies. Such governmental decision came into force in May 2013, giving officials three months to get rid of all the money and companies.

Carina Global Assets was founded in January 2014, and Russian professional figure skater Tatiana Navka became its actual owner. Carina Global Assets plans to manage more than US $1 million of assets. The company "has received investment on behalf of the beneficiary", papers define.

At the time of registration of the company in August 2014, the relationship between Peskov and Navka had been already known. Their broadly covered wedding took place in August 2015, i.e. a year later. However, according to Peskov’s daughter Elizabeth, this wedding was just a public event. The official wedding took place in June 2015.

If so, Peskov had either to refuse the company or leave his leading position of the state. Therefore, if the couple had been married in August 2015, then Peskov exceeded the limit prescribed by the law on "parting" with Carina Global Assets.

Navka said that she knew nothing about the offshore companies. "I’ve had neither offshore companies, nor any accounts. Moreover, I’ve never had any foreign companies," she claimed.

When asked whether it is possible that someone used her documents in order to register a company without her knowledge, Navka said: "Of course no. It’s funny even to suppose. I have no idea who could do this. In fact, I’d love to look into this myself."

A few years ago, when it came to offshore networks, Peskov said: "In general, it contributes to corruption very much. While there are no direct violations of the law, it is clear that these schemes are used for money laundering."

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