Monday, April 4 2016 12:59 EEST
Turkey rammed Russian bridge pillars to Crimea with its cargo ship – Media
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Turkish cargo ship Sormovskiy-48 has tried to damage new bridge pillars that lead from Russia to Crimea, media report. According to the known information, the ship that has been going regularly through the Kerch-Yenikalsky Strait suddenly changed its course and went to the construction site. It hardly rammed the bridge pillars and a floating crane Sevastopolets, where several people were staying.

Sormovskiy-48 seems to have been slightly damaged as it remained absolutely unharmed. The ship went exactly between the two floating cranes; builders had not joined them with piles yet.

As they say, the captain of the cargo ship estimated some meteorological factors in a wrong way.

The cargo ship that broke several pillars of the bridge is being kept under arrest in the port of Taganrog.

Dialog.UA says that following the incident with the Turkish ship, Russian troops are to be deployed at the bridge’s construction site for protection purposes. In addition, some security services will watch over it too.

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