Sunday, April 3 2016 22:55 EEST
CIA agents handed back a schoolbus borrowed for training excersises, but forgot to remove explosive material
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The CIA officers forgot the explosives on a school bus. They were left on the bus borrowed for anti-terrorist exercises, which were held on 21-24 March in Loudoun County (Virginia), The Washington Post says.

According to the media outlet, the explosives were put under the hood of the bus in order to train dogs to discover hidden objects. Meanwhile the vehicle was used for transportation of pupils of junior and middle school at least twice – on 28 and 29 March. The local CIA office said that "the material is not dangerous for the passengers."

A representative of the school, which used the bus, has confirmed that the CIA warned of the presence of hazardous material in the vehicle, but asked not to tell about this. The school’s administrator explained that it was some paste-like material, probably C-4. This type of explosives is considered to be stable and is used for military operations. It needs a special detonator to be blown up.

Furthermore, the school administration’s representative said that bus drivers always made a detailed inspection of the vehicles before their departure. However, the piece of explosives got stuck in the engine compartment and its color matched the engine parts. Thus, the driver did not notice it.

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