Sunday, April 3 2016 22:45 EEST
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Abandoned asylum is settled by lunatic ghosts
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A ghost is peering through the asylum’s window in this stunning picture. The amazing photo reveals a shadowy silhouette peering through the window of the former lunatic asylum that was closed 15 years ago.

IIt also used to be a camp for German prisoners during World War II.

When the war was finished, the building became a nuthouse. Its patients sometimes used to be objects for lobotomy. One day, a Welshman died because of this procedure.

The ghost’s photograph was taken by Adam Smith, who claimed he had “caught an epic shot”. According to his words, it could be a patient, a soldier or a Nazi prisoner.

However, the photographer soon was asked to remove the picture. They say that hundreds of people are going to the hospital in efforts to find the ghost.

The building was opened in 1903. However, in 1999, it was closed.

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