Saturday, April 2 2016 23:10 EEST
Superman new movie will be filmed in real space
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Large costs for shooting will make solo Superman the most expensive movie in the history. The shooting of the solo Superman will be held in outer space. Filmmakers have declared this in an official statement, noting that the project will involve the Russian agency Roskosmos and American NASA.

It is reported that a significant part of the action will take place in one of the worlds, colonized by the people of Krypton. And in addition, some individual episodes will take place in deep space.

The filmmakers have decided to carry out the shooting in real space to make the project more realistic.

To this end, space agencies have engaged in creation of a new generation of vehicles that will put all the necessary equipment on the moon's orbit, where the shooting will be held.

It is known, that hero's costume - armored tights, which provides the stringent environmental conditions, will be delivered to the moon's orbit too.

Nowadays, manufacturers do not disclose the amount of the future movie budget, but it probably will be the most expensive in the history. It is also known that the space agencies agreed to take part of the costs, because the advertising of their products will appear in the movie.

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