Friday, April 1 2016 18:02 EEST
Irkutsk bailiffs deported Ukrainian woman and five kids to US
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The family has been living in the USA for the last 15 years with a residence permit only. For some reason, they decided to move to Russia, where they lived illegally. The head of the family paid for their tickets back to America. Furthermore, the violators had to pay a fine of two thousand rubles.

Bailiffs deported a citizen of Ukraine and her five children to the USA. The woman lived in the Irkutsk region illegally, the court’s press service said.

According to the agency, the Ukrainian arrived at the Baikal from Nizhny Novgorod and unsuccessfully tried to apply for a temporary asylum. She came to the Irkutsk region, hoping to obtain Russian citizenship as soon as possible. She had been living in the Ekhirit-Bulagatsky district since January. However, the woman had no documents, which could confirm her right to stay in the country.

"The bailiffs performed the court’s decision on forced deportation of six Ukrainian citizens who stayed in the Russian Federation illegally. The illegal migrants were sent to the United States, where they had been living for the last 15 years with a residence permit," the statement reads.

The agency says that the tickets for the flight Beijing - Seoul - Chicago were bought by the deported woman’s husband, who lives in Chicago. The court ordered the deported citizens to pay a fine of two thousand rubles.

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