Thursday, March 31 2016 17:37 EEST
Rejection of anti-Russian sanctions means we recognize the aggressive and imperialist policy – Duda
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Polish President Andrzej Duda said that rejection of anti-Russian sanctions would mean recognition of its aggressive and imperialist policy. Duda noted this during a meeting organized by a non-governmental US organization Atlantic Council in Washington (its broadcast was available on the think tank’s website).

"We must consistently demand return to the geopolitical dimensions, which we had before the Crimean annexation. In other words, the starting point should be Russian rejection of the Crimean annexation. Let alone the fact that the end of the war in Ukraine depends on full implementation of the Minsk agreements, which unfortunately have not been implemented up to now," Duda said.

Polish leader claimed that "the West looks completely powerless" in its efforts to solve these problems.

He said he heard about Western politicians’ commitment to support their links with Russia. Polish President meant "certain European politicians, some serious politicians, not only members of the European Parliament."

"Now we hear how serious European politicians were, for instance, saying, “Ok, it’s time to suspend the sanctions. We are about to go back to the business under the old rules (regardless of external adverse factors)." In my opinion, Europe must disagree with this, because, otherwise, this would mean recognition of aggressive and imperialist policy," Duda stressed.

Earlier UNIAN has reported that Polish President calls for imposition of sanctions against all the countries, which violate international law.

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