Friday, April 1 2016 17:48 EEST
American support is important for resistance to the Russian aggression – Poroshenko
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During a forum on Capitol Hill, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stressed the importance of support and leadership of the USA for the purpose of resistance to the Russian aggression and progressive reforms in Ukraine.

"There are so many reasons to avoid leadership: indifference, weariness, lack of confidence. And there is only one reason to hold it: it is in your blood. In these difficult times, I urge America to be strong and believe in itself – just like people of good will from all over the world still believe in America. Don’t let pragmatism make you forget about the values where freedom is the main priority. Don’t let America become petty," Poroshenko said.

He stressed that Ukraine highly appreciated cooperation with the USA. "American leadership has been very important for progressive reforms in Ukraine. American support has essential meaning for successful resistance to Russian aggression," President claimed.

According to his words, it’s high time to strengthen the Ukrainian-American dialogue and to restore strategic partnership between the two countries with intensive cooperation in the field of defense and security within a comprehensive bilateral security agreement.

"Ukraine’s struggle is a struggle for freedom. And this struggle’s going on," Poroshenko said, urging to support his state.

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