Friday, April 1 2016 12:38 EEST
Lady Gaga has secretly married to Taylor Kinney - Mass Media
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The mass media has started talking about the secret marriage of Lady Gaga. The reason for these findings is a gold ring on the annulary of the singer, which looks like a wedding ring.

Apparently, Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga decided not to delay dealing with marriage and just did it as soon as possible. The lovers were engaged, but they made decision to hide that fact from their fans.

The reason for such gossip was a gold ring appeared on the ring finger of the singer instead of ornaments, given by Kinney in honor of the engagement.

The couple has not commented the news of the alleged marriage. But Lady Gaga said in an interview that she and Taylor didn’t plan anything in the near future. And when they decided to marry, the Italian relatives of the singer would be invited.

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