Thursday, March 31 2016 12:41 EEST
The power of character: 78 years old woman lifted the 111 kg barbell
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Shirley Webb is able to do more than you may suggest. Two years ago, 78-year-old American Shirley Webb could not go up without shortness of breath even on two floors stairs. And now she has become a hero of the Network and the real record holder of her age: a woman can lift 111 kg barbell!

"I could not go up the stairs without holding the railing and even could not stand on my feet without a problem. But now it is all over!”, Shirley Webb said.

"I see startling changes! And I'm glad that I inspire people to go in for sports. Recently one lady has come to the gym only because of my videos on the Internet. "

According to her words, she feels fine now and she has her trainings twice a week.

Ultimately, Shirley Webb is working out, improving her deadlift record, not because she wants just to make and break records, but because she feels so much better working out.

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