Wednesday, March 30 2016 19:06 EEST
Egyptair flight lands in Cyprus after being hijacked
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The plane EgyptAir A320 that was performing flight MS181 from Alexandria to Cairo was hijacked by an unknown man. Later, it landed at the airport of Larnaca in Cyprus.

It was reported that the capture took place in the airspace of Cyprus at 8:30 when an armed hijacker demanded landing at Larnaca airport.

According to some reports, the hijacker told the captain and the passengers he would detonate a suicide belt, if they did not follow his orders.

Two crisis centers were established in Cyprus due to the incident.

EgyptAir A320 hijacking has nothing to do with terrorism since the hijacker had some personal motives, Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades claims.

"The hijacking has nothing to do with terrorism. This happened because of a woman," Anastasiadis said to journalists.

It was reported that the hijacker demanded to hand over a letter written in Arabic to a woman (supposedly ex-wife), who lives in Cyprus.

Some reports have revealed that this woman is going to Larnaca airport. Sky News has also informed that the hijacker asked for an interpreter and political asylum in Cyprus.

Earlier it was reported that almost all the passengers had left the plane. However, several people had to remain in the cabin.

According to a Greek newspaper Vima, several hostages are still on the plane, including "three Britons, one Italian and one Irish."

In total, there were 81 passengers and 7 crew members on the plane.

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