Wednesday, March 30 2016 17:18 EEST
Violence between Trump supporters and his protesters has broken out once again
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A capitol reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal, Molly Beck, witnessed an altercation at a rally in Janesville, which ended with a fifteen-year old protester being pepper-sprayed by a Trump supporter – so badly that she needed medical assistance afterwards.

Witness reports, confirmed by local police chief, reveal that the Trump supporter sexually assaulted her by groping the young woman’s chest, which prompted the punch and then the pepper-spraying reported Occupydemocrats.

On a day which has already seen Trump and his supporters disparaging and insulting a woman after she was assaulted by his campaign manager, this truly puts into perspective how deep the hatred in the Trump campaign truly runs – misogyny, xenophobia, racism are all celebrated and defended by Trump and his bigoted supporters.

He teaches them to treat other humans as objects, to be groped, shoved, and beaten with impunity; his supporters revel in their new-found confidence and behave like animals in public.

''The pictures are a brutal symbol not only of the violence of Trump’s movement but of their naked disrespect towards women. As he continues to encourage violence at his rallies, the likelihood of people getting injured is rising substantially. This is a low point of American history that we won’t be able to soon recover from. This is fascism at work'' - wrote by one of the readers. 

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