Thursday, March 31 2016 15:33 EEST
Serbia is returning Jewish property confiscated by the Nazis
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According to a new Serbian law, Jewish property expropriated by the Nazis and Belgrade authorities during the Second World War will be transferred to Jewish organizations, The Times of Israel reports.

The law was adopted by the Serbian Parliament this February. Serbian authorities will return the Federation of Jewish Municipalities of Serbia about three thousand buildings expropriated by the Nazis.

The law also reads that starting from 2017 the Federation of Jewish Municipalities of Serbia will annually receive 950,000 euros from the government. The money will be spent for Holocaust studies, training programs, scholarships and other needs of the Jewish community.

There were about 33 thousand Jews in Serbia before 1941. However, by May 1942, the Nazis and the collaborationist government killed or deported 80% of Jews to concentration camps.

According to a population census, 1,185 Jews lived in Serbia in 2002.

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