Thursday, March 31 2016 12:25 EEST
The middle finger of "Galatasaray’s" coach shocked everyone
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During the women's Volleyball European Cup match, the coach of the Turkish club Ataman Gyuneyligil showed the middle finger to Russians and the fans began throwing some trash to them after that.

The Russian team was shocked by such reception so that the return match will be held with enhanced precautions.

"Dynamo"’s press officer Olga Smityuk: "After the incident with the Turkish fans at the match in Istanbul "Dynamo" from Krasnodar will increase the protection of the return game in Russia. Everyone was just shocked by the behavior of "Galatasaray"’s coach Ataman Gyuneyligila. The girls were very upset because they didn't expect such reception. It is hard to imagine those things with any of our clubs. On the other hand, such behavior is typical for Turkish fans. If I'm not mistaken, "Galatasaray" fans completely disrupted the game in Belgium last year, they even ran on the play-field. So it is not surprising. We will not allow such situation to happen in Krasnodar. We have civilized fans and we will not go down to this level. Nevertheless, we will increase the security measures on the play-field. "

"Galatasaray" has won the match with the score 3:2. The return match will be held on April 2 in Krasnodar.

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