Thursday, March 31 2016 12:25 EEST
Crocodile has devoured a Russian tourist in Indonesia
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The body was found nearby the mangrove forest, on Raja Ampat Island, Indonesia. That's a popular place for diving. The man was killed in a fight with a crocodile.

Prasetuo Budiarto, the leader of the local rescue team, said: "We believe that a man has been attacked by the crocodile. His left hand is bitten off and there is a big open wound on the left side of the hip.”

According to preliminary information, the victim may be a tourist from Russia.

As media reported, his friends announced about the disappearance of Sergei to the police on March, 26.

The Russian Embassy in Indonesia explained that information about the deceased Russian was being checked.

The representatives of local law enforcement agencies of West Papua addressed to the Consular Section of the Russian Embassy and explained what had happened.

“At the moment, the embassy is in close contact with the police”, said the press attaché of the Russian Embassy in Indonesia Nikolay Karapetyan.

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