Wednesday, March 30 2016 12:40 EEST
Man dressed as Jesus has been dubbed "The Flying Christ" and "Batman Christ" after the actor fell down from the cross
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An actor dressed in white Jesus-style clothes fell from the cross into a crowd. Due to the incident people gave him different names including "The Flying Christ". Footage of the incident is available.

One can see a long haired man in a white loincloth, awkwardly falling from the cross. He tries to slow down this unexpected landing, but finally falls into the crowd.

The condition of the actor is still unknown.

The incident has become viral and a lot of users have expressed their opinion on Christ’s behavior. Some people compared Christ with Tarzan lamenting for cunning fortune,  others recommend to use nails and ropes next time.

The incident happened during Easter celebrations in Guatemalan department of Suchitepequez.

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