Monday, March 28 2016 19:19 EEST
Adele will say “Goodbye” for five years
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The famous singer Adele is going to get away from the scenic activity for five years. This will happen after the completion of the world tour in support of the new album "25".

The information is provided by mass media referring on an unnamed source, which is, according to its assurances, located in the inner circle of the singer.

It clarifies that the singer will leave the stage to take more time to her family.

"She told her friends that she intended to leave the scenic activity for about 5 years until the next album would be released. Adele is still a young mother and she doesn't want to miss the amazing moments of the childhood of her 3 year-old son. It, will probably, be difficult for her fans to deal with it", the source shared.

The tour of "25" is required to be finished in November this year. Before the appearance of this album, Adele had also taken a considerable pause lasted for 3 years, but it has not reduced her popularity.

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