Monday, March 28 2016 16:50 EEST
Kerry says no: Russia is not American ally in Syria
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US Secretary of State John Kerry has said that it’s "absurd" to think that Russia used the military campaign in Syria in order to strengthen its own positions in the Middle East. As it became known, Kerry responded negatively when a reporter asked him if Russia was American ally in Syria.

It should be mentioned that the head of US diplomacy had visited Moscow and met Russian President Vladimir Putin the day before.

In addition, Kerry expressed the opinion that some Russia’s actions met "strategic interests" of the USA.

He also reported that the Kremlin had helped the West with the Iran nuclear agreement. Russia is now assisting the USA in the implementation of agreements on ceasefire in Syria.

According to the Secretary of State, Russia has expressed its opinion on the necessity of Syrians to determine their future in the political process.

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