Monday, March 28 2016 16:45 EEST
Storm Katie causes substantial damages in England
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Storm Katie has destroyed normal life in England as many flights were cancelled and thousands of residences (80,000 homes) were left without power. Planes, which had to land in Gatwick and Heathrow, were redirected to other airports. Furthermore, a lot of flights were cancelled because the storm with winds of 105mph had attacked the southern part of the country.

The Environment Agency has issued flood warnings because of heavy rains and rising water in rivers. The main bridges in England have been closed.

The storm started to show its presence on Sunday, when Britain was hit by winds and heavy rain. A lot of people found out that the storm had damaged trees and properties only on Monday.

Sports events have also been affected by the storm. According to AFC Wimbledon, their game with Portsmouth was delayed.

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