Monday, March 28 2016 16:33 EEST
Brussels bombings: Police tries to calm down protesters
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Belgian police used water cannon to break up a crowd of protesters (Casuals against Terrorism), who had come to the central square of Brussels. They occupied La Place de la Bourse, where residents had gathered to honor victims of notorious Tuesday's attacks.

Police made an effort to restore order after some people had confronted Muslims in the crowd, making Nazi gestures and shouting.

According to reports, Brussels bombings killed about 31 people or even more.

Certain activists planned to organize the so-called "March Against Fear" on Sunday, but the police promised to strain their resources in order to start a strict investigation.

Furthermore, the police conducted 13 raids and detained more people for questioning.

The authorities say that one of the detained men has been accused of a failed attack in Paris.

On Sunday, Dutch police claimed that they had arrested a Frenchman in Rotterdam.

He was detained on suspicion of plotting an attack in France. The 32-year-old man will be extradited to the country. 

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