Monday, March 28 2016 16:11 EEST
Watch out ! Devil is inside the steak !!!
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Thanks to the news site, a bizarre photo of meat on Facebook page stirred up the whole Internet. It should be noted that the emergence of the post coincided with a threshold of Good Friday, when Catholics traditionally abstain from meat.

The steak was made by the largest Mexican manufacturer SuKarne, and it was photographed in La Paz.

The reactions of the media and Internet users were immediate and controversial.

Somebody said: “It’s shouting out to be put on the barbecue with some guacamole and beers.”

Another added: “The devil can come out of that meat on my grill.”

The butcher who cut the meat claimed that he took a ribbing from his workmates.

However, a local newspaper called him a Satanist and made sure that he securely sealed his master in the steak.

The company SuKarne did not pay much attention to the furor and made no mention of it on its website.

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