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Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga! New details from the life of the scandalous and famous singer which you never heard before
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The 7 most interesting facts about the singer. You do not know her as well as you think.

1) Lady Gaga could play the piano when she was 4 years old.

Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, at an early age learned to play the piano: she could do that without knowing the musical notation, she selected the music of Michael Jackson and other popular heroes of her childhood by ear. And the girl often recorded herself on the tape. 

2) The Future Star once worked as a dancer and a waitress.

Gaga got the first major earnings with the help of dancing in the clubs. She began to deal with them when she was 14 years old. "When my father found out that I performed in a bikini and shorts on the stage, he didn't speak with me for a long time. I was ashamed to look into his eyes", says the singer. Then there was a job as a waitress: and the singer loved this dirty work with all her heart and she coped with all the duties: "I was a good waitress, I always got a big tip. I had a lot of interesting stories for our customers."

3) Lady Gaga wrote songs for famous musicians.

She did not become famous immediately. But she could not only sing and shock the audience with strange outfits, shoes and hairstyles. Early, at the beginning of her career, Stephanie wrote the compositions to other musicians, such as: Fergie, Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls. A talented girl worked to create her own image in parallel: she meticulously worked at her own style, inspired by David Bowie, Queen and Michael Jackson. Interestingly, the song Telephone, which became mega popular later, Lady Gaga originally wrote for Britney, but she refused that.

4) The singer has been unhappy in love for a long time.

In her early career, Gaga has experienced the rape, and she has just recently decided to tell about that to the public. In addition, she couldn't build a relationship with her favorite young man: he demanded that the woman had to stay at home, next to him, and, of course, to work less. The singer, who has achieved the international fame when she was only 22 years old, abandoned that relationship, and she stated in her interview that "she'll never go on about the man." Everything changed when she met the actor Taylor Kinney - and now he is Gaga's groom.

5) Stephanie has an unusual tour bus.

There is a large Gaga's name and a title of her concert tour written on it. And inside it consists of beds, kitchen, mini recording studio and other necessary facilities during the tour, because the idea of the song can come at any time, and Lady Gaga records demo versions of the songs on the way from one concert to another. That's amazing operability! 

6) The singer is afraid to die young and believes that her aunt's spirit lives inside her.

Lady Gaga has a phobia - she is afraid to die young. The singer admits that sometimes she sees car accidents in her dreams, just as Princess Diana in the 97th, and sometimes she suffers from the thought that she will be sick with lupus, because she is genetically predisposed to it. Lady Gaga is also superstitious: she believes in ghosts and believes that she was possessed by the spirit of her aunt, who died shortly before the singer's birth.

7) Gaga is a godmother of Elton John's children.

Lady Gaga is a great defender of gay rights. She said: "I will fight for your equality and freedom." She has a lot of gay friends, for example, Sir Elton John. And Stephanie is a godmother for his children. And Elton John calls her "loving and talented girl."

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