Monday, March 28 2016 15:10 EEST
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Scientists: The protein diet helps to improve sleeping
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A high protein intake improves the index of sleeping. The nutritionists from Purdue University have found that the high protein intake improves sleep parameters in adults who are obese.

The scientists decided to check the effect of food intake with high protein and low energy value to people who are suffering from overweight. They conducted two researches. The first research was held with 14 participants aged from 53 to 59 with a high body mass index, and they were to follow a diet within three months, which is based on the consumption of beef, pork, soy and beans.

At the end of each month, participants rated the quality of their sleeping. The result was recorded by increasing the amount of protein in their bodies, regardless of its source, and a sleep quality score was higher at the final stage.

The second study involved 44 participants between the ages from 51 to 53. They were divided into two groups: the diet of the first group consisted of products with normal protein, and the second group diet consisted of food with high protein content. The experiment lasted for 16 weeks, and it was found that a sleep quality of the first group was not changed, whereas the second group began to sleep much better.

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