Monday, March 28 2016 15:05 EEST
The ex-lead singer of Sex Pistols is almost blind
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John Lydon cannot read and is afraid of falling off the stage. The British musician and the leader of the group Public Image Ltd. John Lydon, formerly known as Johnny Rotten, the frontman of the punk band Sex Pistols, has admitted that he is losing his sight.

According to Lydon, he cannot read anything, even the headlines, and he forced to wear glasses during performances so as not to fall off the stage.

The musician is afraid to go blind decisively, and he is feeling anxiety about that: "The vision is dwindling slowly and depressingly. That's gloomily and I still enjoy the depression. "

Health problems have been haunting John Lydon from his childhood. At the age of seven, he suffered from meningitis, and after that the eyesight remained weak throughout his life. But the deterioration has never been so significant, as the musician recognized.

John Lydon was originally known as Johnny Rotten, the lead singer and songwriter of the British punk band Sex Pistols. And after the band's breakup, he founded his own musical project Public Image Ltd., which is significantly influenced the formation of the musical style of post-punk.

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