Sunday, March 27 2016 18:46 EEST
The music of Metallica is recognized as a US national treasure
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The records of Metallica songs are joined the music collection, which will be kept for future generations. The compositions of the rock band Metallica are recognized as a US national treasure along with the records of the musician Louis Armstrong and also other 23 tracks. The Library of Congress announced about that yesterday.

The selected music has been included in the National Register of recordings.

An employee of the US Congress Library David Mao noted that the whole collection includes blues, jazz, rock, country and classical music and also the speeches of public people and radio shows records.

David Mao: "These records of various artists in different musical genres will be retained for the future listeners. It will help to keep the impression about what we were doing and who we were."

It is known that the collection is annually updated with 25 new records. The list may include only those compositions which are older than 10 years.

Currently, the National Register includes more than three million numbers.

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