Friday, March 25 2016 15:09 EET
North Korea imitated invasion of the South Korean leader’s residence
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According to North Korea’s statement, the country has performed a military drill aiming to simulate an attack of the South Korean leader’s residence. The drill was watched over by Kim Jong-un. He urged his soldiers to destroy the Southern government in case of any slightest danger, the KCNA state news agency reported.

It says that it’s the latest angry gesture made by Pyongyang.

The Southern President Park Geun-Hye has ordered the army in her turn to be ready too.

On Thursday she claimed that the Northern provocative behavior is to be a way to self-destruction for its regime.

North Korea’s reaction has come after the UN introduced tough sanctions due to its nuclear tests.

Furthermore, Pyongyang is angry with military exercises of the USA and South Korea that take place every year.

Earlier it has also threatened to turn the South Korean leader’s residence into a "sea of flames and ashes".

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