Thursday, March 24 2016 18:07 EET
Cameron Diaz has accused Hollywood of old age discredit
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43 y.o. movie star Cameron Diaz said that Hollywood is guilty of creation of the myth about "ugly old age". The actress believes that the term " middle age crisis" should be replaced by the concept "a holiday of midlife".

In confession of one of the most glamorous actresses of Hollywood, the film industry imposes negative attitudes to aging and draws a negative image of older women.

Cameron Diaz also said that Hollywood immortalized the myth that old age means less beautiful and less valuable.

She says it is important to understand that there is nothing wrong and nothing negative in aging. Because there is only one alternative in order not to grow old - to die. And that is much worse.

The actress said, it's completely normal fact, that youth passes.

Star's advice of how to age, maintaining health, strength, grace and wisdom can be found in her book. The actress believes that her book will be a source of valuable advice and not another "leadership" on the theme of "how not to grow old."

Diaz, who was previously seen in the use of Botox injections, calls for physical exercises, meditation and healthy food in her book.

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