Thursday, March 24 2016 17:49 EET
President Obama’s visit to Cuba and its effects
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Barack Obama: "New Day" has come in relations between the USA and Cuba." He stated this at a joint press conference with Raul Castro in Havana. And some politicians published their opinions about that on Facebook.

Mike Huckabee, the 44th Governor of Arkansas : "I guess President Obama just couldn’t leave office without one parting apology for America’s shortcomings on hostile foreign soil. One picture is worth a thousand words, so I won’t write a thousand words about Obama’s weak response to the outrageous lies of Raul Castro (there are no political prisoners in Cuba) or his stunning criticism of human rights in the US. But I will respond to Obama’s suggestion that our nations can learn from each other on human rights: Mr. President, whatever you learn about human rights in Cuba, please don’t try to bring it back here. I ask this on behalf of all Americans and all the Cubans who try to paddle rafts 90 miles on the open ocean to escape from the wonderful human rights record in Cuba and get to America."

Michele Bachmann, member of the United States House of Representatives : "Obama humiliated the US yesterday in Cuba, and seemed to revel in it. Today Obama was humiliated by his childish focus on ball games and dancing with dangerous communists.Obama said in Cuba, all countries of the world must unite against terrorism. That's never going to happen. Terrorism is the foreign policy plan of Iran, the Palestinian authority, among others.Obama's Cuban speech was stunningly weak. He failed to say how we will defeat Islamic jihad.Side by side, Obama's tragic foreign policy fantasy thinking that the US could dance with communist terrorists in Cuba while Islamic terrorist's kill over 36 innocents and wounded another 150 in Brussels."

Newt Gingrich, politician, historian, author and political consultant : "President Obama's standing in front of giant Che Guevara mural --a deliberate endorsement of a Communist revolutionary or bad staffing? I bet deliberate. Just when you think Obama can't find new ways to undermine and weaken America, he proves how smart and destructive he really is."

Senator Tim Scott: "The law could not be any clearer: President Obama does not have the authority to move dozens of dangerous terrorists from the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay to American communities.Not on my watch will the White House close down Guantanamo Bay against the wishes of the US citizens. With 90% of Congress in the last 6 months voting to stop the transfer of Guantanamo Bay prisoners, it is clear that this move is a gross overstep of the executive branch."

Senator Jim Inhofe : "President Obama’s visit to Cuba is solidifying a legacy of foreign policy bent towards appeasing dictators and turning a blind eye to oppressive regimes. His visit will not advance America’s security or end the more than 50-year reign of the Castro brothers’ brutal dictatorship. The president's visit instead legitimizes their communist reign, provides Cuba with priceless propaganda photos, and opens additional funding sources that will most heavily benefit the government before the people. Since the president first announced his intent to normalize relations with Cuba, the government has jailed 8,000 political protestors and made no effort to address the $7 billion in unpaid legal claims Cuba owes American property owners. I continue to oppose normalizing relations with this one-party communist state. It would have been in the better interest of Cubans and of our own national security if any concessions with Cuba had required Cuba to conduct free and fair elections, allow freedom of the press and freedom of speech, end assisting North Korea evade U.N. sanctions, and end the harboring of terrorists and criminals. Instead, President Obama is opening up new economic gains that will benefit the communist party and leave our national security more vulnerable in an increasingly dangerous world."

And also Senator Heidi Heitkamp : " Today I returned to North Dakota after joining the President on his historic trip to Cuba – the first visit from a sitting president in nearly 90 years. Any day we can expand trade relationships is a good day for North Dakota farmers and ranchers – and that’s what we did on this trip. Now I’m looking forward to working with the bipartisan delegation that traveled with the President to continue to build momentum toward lifting the embargo, and move toward incremental steps like my bill to ease financing restrictions on U.S. agricultural exports. It was an honor to represent North Dakota and North Dakota products in a country that is hungry for our state’s crops, from lentils to barley. Opening up trade will guarantee Cuba can buy our high-quality products rather than turning to Vietnam, Canada, or Brazil. Trade and dialogue can also help expand human rights for the Cuban people."

Obama also added that US and Cuba " have deep disagreements about democracy and situation of human rights." The head of the White House also said that Washington will continue discussions with Havana about these issues .

This is the first visit of American president to the Republic of Cuba for 88 years and a new way in US-Cuban relations.

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