Thursday, March 24 2016 14:51 EET
Education system is gradually leaving the vulnerable children behind
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At the election campaign event in Raleigh, North Carolina, Hillary Clinton found the need to destroy all of the barriers that hold nation back—especially barriers with recieving a perfect and world-class education.

'' Education should be a great door-opener, and yet we know it often doesn’t turn out that way, '' Clinton announced. '' Every child in this country deserves a good teacher in a good school—regardless of the ZIP code that you live in.

Right now, our education system is failing too many children. And that’s a huge problem—because the education kids receive has a direct effect on their ability to succeed as adults.

Our most vulnerable children aren’t receiving the education they deserve, and that will affect lives—and our economy—for generations to come. ''

Finally, she gave a few facts about downgrade of schools, students from low-income families and their little chances for success, small teacher's payment and crimes among black students.

Hillary Clinton found a way to decide all these problems by her '' K-12 " programm. Improving education by K-12 for black and Hispanic students wouldn’t just give a hand to those poor students, it would grow the economy of America on 30 percent.

Hillary fully believes that she can improve K-12 system by concentration on teaching, learning, and community.

As president, Hillary will make a national organization to support and modernize the teaching profession, and stabilize decent wages for teachers.

According to her words, she will also invest in America’s poorest schools and find a way to the heart of every students.

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