Thursday, March 24 2016 13:25 EET
John McCain: "Unhappy Birthday, ObamaCare "
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Nowadays, serious passions flares up over the notorious health care reform "ObamaCare". And even a senator John McCain published the words of frustration on his Facebook page.

John McCain: "After 6 long years of broken promises, I’m joining millions of people across the country to wish Obamacare a very unhappy birthday, and continue the fight to fully repeal and replace it with health care reform that works for the American people."

"ObamaCare" aims to provide affordable insurance for more than 30 million "middle-class" Americans, who don't have health insurance. Their salary is much higher than income of Medicaid holders.

So the "middle-class" Americans are "hung" between the absence of financial ability to buy expensive commercial insurance and not having the rights to Medicaid.

Any reform is complicated and multifaceted. It requires careful and multidisciplinary review of all aspects in current situation of the health system and insurance.

Barak Obama took a chance to start changing it, but, unfortunately, this reform did not meet expectations.

Senator Richard Shelby also made an interesting statement : '' Today marks the 6th anniversary of Obamacare being signed into law, which serves as a reminder that the American people have had to endure its broken promises for far too long.

This unfortunate birthday highlights the critical need for a President who is committed to repealing and replacing Obamacare with real reforms that empower patients and reduce costs for American families and small businesses. ''

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