Thursday, March 24 2016 12:45 EET
Drew Barrymore declassified an odd nickname of Cameron Diaz
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Actress Drew Barrymore talked about a long-standing friendship with her colleague Cameron Diaz and even declassified her nickname. It turns out that for many years Barrymore calls Diaz "Poo Poo".

"I never was comfortable in the company of celebrities. I know Cameron Diaz for many years. We met when I was fourteen. That was before she became a famous actress, and I was working in a coffee shop, trying to lead a normal life. We became friends really quickly, it happened by itself and I had a feeling that I found a genuine soul mate." – Drew Barrymore said.

Drew doesn't tell why Cameron Diaz got such a strange nickname, but it is not the first time she had called her friend a "Poo Poo". For the first time, this odd nickname surfaced in Barrymore's memoir "Wildflower", which was published last year.

Actresses became closer during the filming of the movie "Charlie's Angels" in 2003. Barrymore was also a bridesmaid at Cameron and Benji Madden’s wedding in January 2015.

Celebrities never allow themselves to hurt each other. That's why, during the radio program "Kyle & Jackie" in July 2014, when Cameron Diaz was asked about a former drug addiction of her friend, the actress flared up and left the radio station.

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