Wednesday, March 23 2016 19:11 EET
American Mormon survived in three acts of terrorism
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The man was wounded in the Brussels airport. 19 y.o. Mason Wells had been wounded by explosion in the Brussels airport, Belgium. This mormon missionary also survived two other terrorist attacks.

He was supposed to fly home with two other missionaries, and they stood at the reception area, which was very close to the epicenter of explosion at the time of the accident.

The young man's father, Chad Wells said, that this is the third terrorist attack which his son was a witnesses. Previously, he got trauma nearby the finish line at the Boston Marathon where he was waiting for his mother. He got his second injury by terrorist action there.

Mason also was in Paris cafe in November last year, not far from the places of attacks. But he successefully escaped.

After the third meeting with terrorism, a young man 'recieved' the injury of the heel tendon, multiple shrapnel wounds and burns of the second and third degree on his face, but his life is not in danger.

Chad Wells told: " "The way we stand on our feet after such incidents, is true test of the character."

"He was blessed by God. It is not a terrible curse, it is a blessing." - explains the father of 19-year-old Mormonism follower.

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