Wednesday, March 23 2016 14:48 EET
Dwayne the Rock Johnson: Kindness and power
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Dwayne Johnson always tries to help everyone and everywhere. Who would be thinking that so brutal man can be so kind person.

As he wrote in his Facebook account: ''BEST part of my visit to the Pediatric Specialty Ward was surprising Aliya - when I walked in and said "Hi honey" she literally could not have cared less!

All she wanted to do was play with her water in the sink. I said hi and she looked around like "Uh who is this big brown, bald man rudely interrupting my playtime and I would like him to leave not now, but right now..

Between all the smiles, laughs and tears it was an awesome visit and again, I appreciate everyone who made the effort to make some very special kids (and parents) so happy. Look forward to doing it again down the road. ~ DJ''


He got thousands of likes and comments:

He visited many kids and made their lifes more happy.

Dwayne is an idol of our days:

"Joi wasn't feeling very well when I surprised her at the Pediatric Specialty Ward. Managed to get a slight smile out of her and had a good chat with her father. Hope you guys get to go back home to New Jersey very soon. Stay strong honey ~ DJ"

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