Wednesday, March 23 2016 14:13 EET
Amazing body painting: Hero style
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Canadian artist Kay Pike turns herself into famous superheroes and other cartoon characters by painting. From Attack on Titan bodypaint to Frieza and superheroes. An incredible compilation of awesome make-up and body-paint artist work.

A stunning body painter has seen her popularity soar - after transforming herself into a series of incredibly detailed comic book characters.

Kay Pike coats herself in the most vibrant of colours, turning into such recognizable figures as Spiderman, Robin, a female version of The Hulk, and Two-Face - gathering a huge following in the process.
The artist began painting herself in December 2015, and after her first work went viral, she decided to start posting biweekly shows of her works.
Kay - who works as a 3D modeller for games, a fashion designer, photo editor and model - live streams her painting sessions on a livestreaming site, Twitch, which allows her to interact with viewers who share similar interests.

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