Wednesday, March 23 2016 12:30 EET
Bloody terror in the heart of Europe
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Once again we face bloody terror in the heart of Europe. It can be only the beggining and we have to be ready for the next time.

Brussels is also the "brain" of Europe, the de facto capital of the European Union. It is full of journalists and politicians and these attacks are guaranteed to receive a thousand times more attention than the hundreds of thousands of violent deaths in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and the other parts of the world being ripped apart in the power struggle between the modern world and those who would drag us all back to the Dark Ages - reported by Garry Kasparov.

As with Paris and San Bernardino, it becomes easy to ignore the direct connection between these distant places. Terror attacks, waves of refugees... the free world can continue to deal with these symptoms of Islamic radicalism and the brutal dictatorships that exploit it or we can go to the source. We can treat each new attack like any other crime or we can admit that the fingerprints at the scene can be traced to Syria, to Iraq, to Iran, to Saudi, to Russia.

There will be even more talk about national borders and walls now, with politicians and candidates eager to exploit these attacks. This won't solve the problem, but, as Trump has shown, many people like a bad plan when the alternative is no plan at all. The most important borders in this fight aren't national or even geographic, they are cultural and temporal. 

The modern world that values human life can defend itself or it can slowly lose both innocent lives and its identity to the thugs who do not. This isn't one battle, it's a strategic decision for the long-term survival of Europe and the modern global order. We can fight with soldiers at the source or we can continue to put our civilians on the front lines while our elected leaders make deals with the very dictators who promote terror.

From Ukraine to Syria and across the Middle East, the leaders of the free world have shown incredible tolerance for aggression and violence. The results of this policy of complacency and retreat are clear—tragically, horrifically clear. There is no simple "winning move" here. It will take time and sacrifice. It is a civilizational project, not merely a military one. But first it will require to courage to see that it is a fight that must be fought.

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