Tuesday, March 22 2016 19:45 EET
Harrison Ford advised against actors to play a young Han Solo
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American actor Harrison Ford, who played Han Solo in the epopee "Star Wars", dissuaded young actors to take this role. In this way he commented the news about a large number of people who want to play Han Solo in the upcoming spin-off of "Star Wars."

"Don't do this" - Ford turned to the candidates for the role. The actor took part in the Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he spoke about the fact that, in his opinion, is waiting for the actors who will agree to participate in the "Star Wars".

He said: " At first, it seems that everything is going great, and you work for 25 years, 30 years. And then you'll be just pointed to the door and you'll hear 'We're done with you, thank you ."

The actor was skeptical to the idea of a spin-off with a young Han Solo.

When the presenter said that we are talking about the new film about Han Solo, Ford said, "it's much worse. That's a film about a young Han Solo."

Release of the "Star Wars" spin-off under the working title "Red Cup" is scheduled for 2018.

The directors of the film are Phil Lord and act Chris Miller. And the scriptwriters are Lawrence and John Kasdan.

The first stage of the casting for the role of a young Han Solo is attended by more than 2.5 thousand actors. And the most likely candidates are Alden Erenrayk ("Hail Caesar!"), Taron Egerton ("Eddie the Eagle ") and Jack Raynor ("Sing Street").

Han Solo is one of the main characters of the original trilogy, the pilot of the spacecraft "Millennium Falcon". Solo appears in the episode "The Force Awakens".

"Star Wars" is a fantastic motion picture directed by George Lucas.

It consists of the original trilogy (1977-1983) and also the prequel trilogy (1999-2005). The seventh film - "The Force Awakens" is the beginning of a new sequel-trilogy which will be continued in 2017 and 2020.

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