Tuesday, March 22 2016 12:33 EET
Kremlin is occupied by Devil: Russians associate all the troubles of their country with evil spirits’ activity
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Russians are greatly worried with a series of tragedies and disasters which have been recently occurring in their country. The crash of Flydubai flight FZ981 that happened in an airport of Rostov has provoked unprecedented panic among Russians. Russians fear that this tragedy is far not the last one.

Many people associate the troubles which have seized their country with the Russian government and its aggressive foreign policy that, in particular, led to a war in Ukraine, numerous victims among the civilian population of the occupied area of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, thousands of Syrian victims who were deliberately killed by the "brave" Russian Air Force.

There appeared a viral video in the Net. It shows dogs who live in the territory of the airport. The animals were howling, whining and feeling nervous as if they knew what would happen.

However, according to folk beliefs, dogs howl when they feel evil spirits, and there are plenty of them in Russia.

Russian social neworks’ users write about evil that lives in the Kremlin and requires constant sacrifice.

The reason for their concern has become the very frequent tragedies which took place last year and the disasters which have pursued Russia for almost 3 months in 2016.

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