Tuesday, March 22 2016 12:25 EET
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Bionic penis has been used in the sexual act for the first time
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A resident of Edinburgh, Scotland, Mohammed Abad lost his genitals in an accident in his childhood, was able for the first time sexual intercourse. Doctors allowed 44 y.o. security guard to have sex in 2016. A man lost his virginity with a prostitute, who specializes in clients with disabilities.

Coition lasted for about two hours. However, it happened only at the second attempt: Abad could not properly inflate his bionic penis from the first time.

The next Abad's aim is to become a father. According to doctors, the level of testosterone in his blood is in the normal range, so he may have children. 

This resident of Edinburgh had lost his penis in 1978 when he was hit by a car. His life was saved but doctors could offer him only a plastic tube for urination instead of the penis.

Bionic penis was attached to Abad in 2012 after nine operations and the value of which is reached to £ 70 000.

The implant is made of skin which is taken from the patient's arm, two rubber tubes and a special tank with a resinous substance that is injected into the penis. In order to achieve the erection it is necessary to press one of the buttons, which are located on the testicles and then just to press the second button to lead the bionic penis to normal condition.

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